Why apply 2-component coating for your garage floor?

A garage floor often suffers from grease, oil and dirt and dust from the outside to be driven inside by cars. For all these problems floor paint floor coating for the garage floor can be the solution. Applying the best garage floor coating on the garage floor namely protecting him permanently against this and other forms of taxation and ensure that the car remains neat look.

In the garage of a house, where usually only the car is parked, the appearance of the garage floor might not be as important. In a garage that also serves as a workshop or hobby space, which is already different. The garage floor in such garages should at least contribute to a clean, uncluttered work environment. Also, ease of maintenance for the garage floor in a workshop or hobby area of interest. You spill liquids, oil or chemicals you finally do not wish to penetrate into the ground and cause permanent stains or damage.

Getting started with your garage floor

You can order floor paints and floor coatings that are suitable for use on the garage floor. Our range consists of products employed in private garages and products for the business market. You can make our floor paints and coatings for the garage floor with roller and brush. This saves you the trouble and expense of hiring a professional.

The garage floor preparing to paint

Will you with your garage floor to get started, then it is important that the garage floor makes properly. Of course, the floor must be clean, dry, dust and grease are made, as with any other paint job also needs to be done. Also please make sure the garage floor is not affected by concrete rot, or otherwise damaged. Repair the floor before applying the coating. A rough garage floor must first be mechanically sanded. With very uneven garage floors, it is necessary first to use a screen, so the final result is pretty tight.

Apply a 2-component coating

Your garage floor creating impervious and protect it durable against mechanical and chemical stress? Then you can choose the best for a 2-component coating garage. This consists of two components which react after mixing with each other, making the result is a strong protective hard surface.

Applying a 2-component coating garage is not difficult, but requires accuracy and good preparation. As with any painting project, the first course should prepare the garage floor well. That means you need to clean, dry and grease and dust, but also that you have to repair any damage. It may also need to roughen or just smooth sanding on the garage floor. For all the bumps out to consecrated you can make a screen. On firmly to make absorbent substrates is first to read a primer.

2 component mixing garage and coating application

Only after a thorough preparation of the surface you can combine the two elements garage coating. Did you include mixed product once, you can not store as long as the surface, so you should make him fast. We advise you also to mix small quantities two components coating garage. Mixing service is done by machine. Make sure that you put the drill to the lowest position. Otherwise, air bubbles within the mixture making it not better the result.

The application of the 2 component coating garage done with roller and brush. Work taking into jobs so that you can go anywhere good at. Bring the two elements garage coating evenly into two layers, and do not dry too long the first coat before applying the second layer. The drying time is too long; it may be that the second layer is not fixed to the first, which makes for faster peeling. If desired, an anti-skid material by mixing the upper layer of the two components garage coating for added security.

Have you made the 2 component coating garage, let it harden before instructing him completely. This curing usually takes about a week, depending on the conditions in your garage.

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