The electric brooms for cars

Description of electric brushes for cars

The electric brush works through an electrical system with rotating brushes. It is in the form of a vertical engine, the top handle, the tank center and the brush down.

The power brush is recommended to draw small areas. In such an environment, the electric broom has it all. It is inexpensive, lightweight, easy to store and handle; it fits everywhere to power rake inaccessible places.

Operation of an electric broom

As canister vacuum, the electric brush uses more suction techniques:

  • in a bag, which recovers the dust;
  • in a removable rigid container with a centrifugal system: no bag.

Some standard criteria for choosing an electric broom:

electric broom Entry level Top of the line
Power 800 Watts 650 Watts
Air flow 15 dm3 / s 16 dm3 / s


Depression 17 kPa 24 kPa
Weight 3.0 kg 5.4 kg
capacity 0.6 liter 1.85 liter



Benefits of electric brooms

Size: in a small apartment, the electric broom mishap little. Its shape allows it to take only a little space in the closet.

Its lightness: to fill more easily be worn, manufacturers now offer lightweight products.

Namely: some models are sold with a telescopic handle to fit the size of its user.

Malleability: the user bears the entire device, so it can more easily direct it in the desired direction.

Namely: unlike the canister vacuum, the electric brush can suck stairs easily.

The well-being of the user: no need to bend down to grab the camera. The electric broom handles the back straight, perfect for avoiding back pain and wasted effort.

Compact: the electric brush can slip where other larger devices might not aspire.

Disadvantages of an electric broom

Its reduced power: an electric broom is designed to suck up small areas. It will be perfect for cleaning parquet and / or tiles. However, in the case of carpets or a larger area, this type of vacuum cleaner will not be of any use.

Weight: despite efforts by manufacturers to reduce the weight of their products, electric broom still requires the user to wear the engine and the tank. For larger models, weighing up to 5.4 kg.

To clean confined spaces such as a vehicle, for example, the unnecessary electric broom. Indeed, its volume, as thin as it is, will not allow you to enter fully into the vehicle and guide the head of the device in the desired direction. For this type of cleaning, it is recommended to use either a canister vacuum or a car vacuum cleaner.

Price of an electric broom

Entry level Top of the line
Electric broom 50 Euros 300 Euros

Description of car vacuum cleaner

Simple, light and practical, the car vacuum cleaner can be stored in the safe for regular use:

With this type of device, no need for an electrical outlet, for supplying power, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter of the car which sends electricity to 12 volts.

To help clean all the corners of the vehicle quietly, the cable length the device can reach two meters in length.

It comes with a small carrying bag.

Benefits of car vacuum cleaner

The main advantages of this cleaner:

Compact, it can be stowed in the trunk or glove box clutter. In addition, the length of its cable offers him the opportunity to tour the vehicle.

The menu, its beak creeps into every corner of the cabin.

It needs no electrical outlet to operate, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter.

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Main disadvantage of car vacuum cleaner

The main drawback of this vacuum cleaner is that it is not very powerful and therefore can be used in troubleshooting a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Standard criteria for choosing a car vacuum cleaner

The car vacuum cleaner Entry level Top of the line
Power 12 Watts 12 Watts
Filtered Washable Two HEPA filters
aspiration Dust collecting container Cyclonic
Accessories A late beak and a long beak Three different beaks


If you do not clean your car usually, you can take advantage of many other vacuum cleaners such as electric vacuum clean, upright cleaner for the carpets, etc. if not, consider to purchase some. The price of car vacuum cleaner varies from only 10 Euros to 75 Euros.

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