Quad tires or ATV tire – An Introduction

The search for ATV Tyres can be very confusing. There are thousands of different designs, sizes, and widths. The product descriptions do not help one more often, as they are described quite technically usually. So there is for quads summer tires, winter tires, and all-season tires – as you can quite easily lose track. With this article, we would like to bring this subject tires closer again and thus facilitate your search for the right tires. First, we explain the technical, and then we go a little closer to what the market will bear that. It is recommended to opt for the super swamper ATV tires

The Quad tires – Dimensions & Marking. How are the tires sized?

Surely you are looking for quad tires on several occasions in the descriptions the dimensions such as 20 × 10-9 seen. But what exactly does this mean?

20 = This is the overall height of the tire (H)
10 = where is it to the width of the tire (B)
9 = The Figure 9 represents the diameter of the tire (d)

Instead of 20 × 10-9 could be here including HxBxd. The numbers are generally in inches made with 1 inch, 2.54 centimeters.

What does the label?

As with car tires can be found on a quad tires a name that looks something like this: 195/65 R17 65S TL K 60th But what are these data?

195 = Tyre width in mm
65 = ratio of height of the tire on the rim to the width of the tire (ratio 0.65)
R = Radial tire / radial tires
17 = rim diameter in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm)
65 = Load index
S = Speed Index
TL = Tubeless (without hose)
K 60 = Profile Disclosure

Choosing the right tire type for Quad

First, it should be determined what surface and the weather conditions, the quad will be used. When selecting the correct tires therefore initially is to choose from the following categories once:

  • road tires
  • mixed tires
  • terrain tires
  • snow tires or winter tires
  • sand tires
  • all round tires

In round tire, there is a version that can be run on all surfaces, but not under external conditions.

Depending on the type of tire, the tread pattern, the tire width, and the tire height are here natürlch very different. So Sand tires have, for example, absolutely no profile but rather “waves”, ensuring the necessary drive in the sand. However, these sand tires may not be driven on public roads!

Do you plan to drive your quad on public roads, you need to make sure in any case that your tires are for Approved. You can see this and the so-called ABE (general operating) or at the EBE (single approval) certificate. Have your tires neither ABE yet EBE. You may not be used to traffic it.

The Quad tires – pressure & tread depth

The tire pressure of Quad tire is very Varies depending on the type of tires. Roughly the following two categories can be set

  • Stollenreifen: 0.3-0.4 bar
  • Road tire: 0.5-1.0 bar

Of course, the air pressure should be adjusted depending on usage. It makes no sense to operate the road tires with 1.0 bar on the premises – the pressure there at about 0.5-0.6 bar should be, because with too much pressure it would rather “Sprunghaft” be. In contrast, a higher pressure provides better cornering on the roads. On the premises should resort as possible rather knobby tires. Thus one is always on the go with the correct tire pressure. You should buy a reliable tester – otherwise, it saves on the wrong end. This is not only to wear but also to their health.

Profile depths

Similar to a car, there are also for quads that are driven on the road, a minimum tread depth. This is as well as the car 1.6mm. For your safety sake, you should arisen not. Keep in mind that the adhesion to the road apparently already a tread depth of 4 mm decreases and the hydroplaning risk increases significantly.

What pressure for quad tires

The ATV tires are low-pressure tires. The optimum pressure depends on the use of your quad.

Use Pressure

Utility Between 0.2 and 0.5 bar
Athletic Between 0.4 and 0.7 bar
Route Between 0.4 and 0.9 bar
Hobby Between 0.2 and 0.4 bar

Consider replacing the valves as soon as you notice a loss of pressure in your tire. The valves are under a lot of stress on the quad tires, and their effectiveness diminishes as you go.

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