Preparedness and shopping for baby’s arrival – Last preparations and purchases for mother and baby

Your child is about to be born! It takes little that you keep him in your arms and give him all the love you’ve been saving for him during those months pregnant. Your pregnancy has already entered the final stages of pregnancy and when overtaking all preparations for the arrival of your baby. During pregnancy, you had to make many decisions, but now is the time to relax, think and make a list of everything you’ll need for your baby, for example, the best pack and play

Prepare for your baby

You’re still pregnant, and it is very close to the time of delivery. After waiting so long, you will notice that the changes happen very quickly, and you must be prepared for it. These tips will help you prepare well and can better adapt to the arrival of your baby:

1. Practice relaxation, the different positions and breathing techniques in the last months of pregnancy, especially in the útlimas weeks.

2. Prepare the hospital bag. Should make in the last trimester of pregnancy so you do not miss anything during your stay in the hospital. Is recommendable take at least three complete games change clothes for your baby in the hospital, which should be composed of body, shirt, pants or leggings, booties or socks if you wear pants, a sweater and a cotton cap for do not waste heat for his little head. Also, it includes some newborn diapers and balsamic cream calico size. And among your things it includes a large, better than pajamas to facilitate perineal reviews midwife, nightgown robe and slippers and clothes you will use to leave the clinic or hospital.

3. Protect your bed with a plastic mattress protector. You probably know that you’re in labor after breaking water or due to vaginal bleeding. In either case, you can stain your bed so you can protect the mattress.

4. Visit the hospital where you give birth. So you will be familiar and the day you go to give birth, a public environment and reassure you feel more confidence in the medical team.

5. Prepare your birth plan. Structure and design how you want your birth, and medical personnel attending you will respect your judgment.

6. Keep the gas tank full. You never know what the time will choose your baby to be born. So if you’re in labor, prevents your partner have to stop at a gas station.

7. Friends, family and visits. Whether you want to go to the hospital to see if you prefer to come to your home, leave it clear before. So, you avoid uncomfortable situations with visitors.

Additional preparations for the arrival of your baby

1. Help. Let help and loved by family and friends after birth, so you have more time to enjoy your child. If your family is away, contemplates the possibility of hiring domestic service for cooking, cleaning and laundry.

2. Store food. Enter the menu two weeks and buy all the ingredients to prepare them and keep them handy. Frozen prepared foods or food labels.

3. Keep your phone restaurants serving takeaways.

4. Check your health insurance policy. Avoid problems or dislikes of útima hour.

5. Disposable items such as plates or glasses can make easier the task of collecting the house quickly.

6. Prepare documentation and papers you will need to enroll your baby in the registry and make the first steps after birth.

7. Avoid major changes at this stage as a change of address just before or after delivery. You can add unnecessary stress to the arrival of parenthood.

How to prepare a basic layette for the baby

Prepare the layette baby to be born is a pleasure for many moms who wait forward to the time of delivery.

Currently, there is a very wide range of related baby care products offer, so parents should set limits on their purchases to avoid falling into the temptation to acquire more than necessary. Before shopping is convenient to make a list of what you need the baby, mainly in their first months of life.

To avoid unnecessary purchases, which are to blame for the accumulation of objects that do not use at home, it is best to prepare baby layette judiciously, taking into account what we are going to give away and what will we leave our brothers or friends. Tempted to buy more than you need is easy, but impractical. With these tips, you can prepare a basic layette for your baby.

– Two sets of towels, bath preferably layers (with hood)
– 3 or 4 stooges (pajamas with feet) or sleeping bags
– Two blankets
– Two sweaters or polar light
– 2 feet pants
– 2 toques
– Three pairs of socks
– Three knitted booties or shoes, cotton or woolen
– 5-7 100% cotton shirts
– 6 bodies
– Four dozen newborn diapers
– Four sets of clothing ride
– One coat or driver (for freezing places)

Tips for buying baby clothes

When purchasing clothes for the baby, you should take into account some considerations:

– Buy at least one size larger. Children grow very quickly, especially during the first year, and that will prevent you outgrow clothes quickly. Best with baggy clothes that tight.
– Buy clothes, preferably cotton, to avoid allergies or skin eczema.
– Purchase and wimps pajamas that can be closed in the crotch of the baby. They are more comfortable when changing diapers small since you only need to undress from the waist down.
– Look at the labels take clothing to see if you are interested in the type of washing detergent or required.
– Buy hard shoes only when the baby starts to stand. Before you can take soft booties or shoes that are more comfortable.

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