Pillows purchase: What should I look for?

Are you looking for a pillow that is right for you? To make the right choice, you should, first, start with comparing pillows. During your search, you can suffer from stress by the wide range of pillows. Before comparing pillows, it is necessary to know what is your sleeping posture and what pillow fits your sleeping position.

What is my sleeping habit?

Everyone is different from the other. Each person behaves differently from the other in the same condition and situation even if they are siblings or in the same neighbour. Of course, sleeping habit is not an exception. In short, you are unique comparable to any other. That is not entirely true! Think carefully. You may be not tall as your father, but you can both have blond hair. In that case, you are thus the same.

There are thousands of different types of sleepers, but when it comes to the choice of a pillow that suits you, experts divide them into just 4. It is especially important to know your sleeping position. There are four different sleeping positions:

  • Stomach sleepers (the worse posture)
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers ( the most recommended)
  • None of above

Since no one can live without a nap, the option for convenience during sleep must be taken into consideration. You do not know very well what kind of sleeping position you have, but someone who always sleeps beside you can judge better. A combination of sleeping positions is, of course, also possible.

Another thing may come up in your mind when facing tons of choice is sleeping habit (not only posture but also whether people sleep with light or noise, for example). A good pillow should also fit your sleeping activities. Sleepers who can sleep with noise around need a flexible pillow while quiet sleepers prefer a rigid cushion. Your sleep habit, once again, can be observed better by someone who often sleeps next to you.


What kind of pillow suits my sleeping position and sleeping habit?

If you have already know what is your sleeping habit, move to the next step. Below is an overview of the different booths and pillows which fit in well with:

 Noisy sleepers Peaceful sleepers
Flexible or rigid pad with a low bulk density Flexible pad with a low bulk density Stomatch sleepers
Idem Average bulk density Back sleepers
Idem High bulk density Side sleepers
Idem Sleeping pill None of above

Apologies for the somewhat obscure table. Hopefully, it clearly indicates that busy sleepers need a flexible pad and quiet sleepers need a flexible cushion at least. Below we have listed different filling of pillows on the market nowadays for you to freely determine:

Compare Pillows Tips

1. Do not comparing apples to oranges. Decide in advance what kind of stuff you want. Then compare only possibilities. Compare all offers on the internet may make you lose your way.

2. Never let the price be the deciding factor. The cheapest pillow is not necessarily the worst, and the same also applies to the expensive pillows. The point is that the cushion fits you. A back sleeper, for example, only needs a pillow which is made of 10% duck down while the side sleepers may require a larger number.

3. Caution labels. If there are two pillows which go through all your testing requirement, and you do not know which to choose, look at any certificates or labels. For example, take a look at certificates or labels on hygiene, quality and production process. Choose a pillow that appeals to you may be a way.

Pillows compare in practice: I have interviewed Herman, my cousin, who is a stomach sleeper who likes to sleep with noise. Recently, he feels that he is now restricted in his sleep. His pillow is not good and he wants to get a new one. Herman needs a shapeable pillow because he turns his body a lot during sleep. A feather pillow is very malleable, so he decides to go for a down pillow. The choice of pillows is, somehow, personal.


Buying pillows online – What You Should Know

You are now well informed about what to look for when buying pillows for your need. For people who opt for online shopping, it is now time for the next step. To help you get started in making online purchases for pillows, in general, we will provide some useful tips in the online world.

A number of aspects to keep in mind when buying pillows online include:

1. Personal choice (as we mentioned all above) Every person has a unique way of sleeping and should adjust the cushion according to the sleeping position for optimal sleep. Always take the time to read and delve into the different types of pillows before you are going to buy it online.

2. Shipping. Another important point that is worth your attention is the shipping terms. Most online shops use standard fixed shipping terms. Read carefully before you make a purchase.

3. Returning the item (s). Imagine: you found a suitable pillow, the pillow on the Internet then ordered but it turned out to be not the same. Then it is important that the shop where you order the pillow must pay for the shipping fee to send the products back. Otherwise, you have to indeed pay more unnecessary costs!

4. The possibility of contact. Online shopping has boomed over the past decade. As a result, trust in online shops and suppliers has also increased. However, be always alert and watch out for, eg. whether the website you want to buy provide correct data. It seems to be still common for consumers who are victims of ‘illegal’ websites that do not exist.

Will you buy pillows at the shop, or are you planning to make a purchase over the internet? We hope to avoid any issues with the purchasing tips above so that you can enjoy your new pillow. Do you have any question for us? Feel free to leave a comment to get your answer or share other tips with our readers. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit

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