A popular eye-catcher at any party, which is organized in the open, is the party tent. Because there are not only sufficient covered space with occasional showers, but also a good place for a breakfast bar.

So is everyone a beer tent from an average tent. Party tents are best if you have a private garden or enough free space on an external system.

In summer parties, garden parties or a wedding reception white, large party tents for sale are often decorated in use and according to the occasion.

Requirements for a party tent – buying guide

In rare cases, a party tent is a year in the garden. It just takes away too much space and is claimed more than it should be easy to wind and weather.

Tip: If you set up a year-round party tent on site, is better off with a garden pavilion.

Most party tents can be bought designed only for short preparation periods and ideally quickly assembled and disassembled. On the following Attribute value should be placed on the purchase:

  • Fast foldability (usually given at Party folding tents)
  • Waterproof (especially waterproof roof
  • Robust metal construct that does not fall over the same at every touch
  • Sufficient size (3 x 3 meters is almost too small)
  • Stability (even with wind gusts a stable)
  • UV resistant (sun protection during hot summers)
  • Removable side panels (possibly also sides with Fenster)

If you stick to these tips, experienced certainly no letdown when buying a party tent. The size, however, is crucial. The nicest tent stays not in a good memory when there are only four guests. If the tent a serving is, chairs, benches and tables guests will find a place, it is worth considering whether it would not be better a beer tent, as smaller brother of the marquee, selects and prepares.

Our buying tip: A very qualitative party tent, which set up very quickly and is waterproof and even greater wind speeds withstands this marquee is here. Do not make compromises with cheap tents. Guests will thank you.

Variants for any occasion

Party tents and canopies for celebrations is available in different variants, shapes, and colors. You can have side panels with windows, an unusual pavilion roof, an open entrance area, a closable door, have a round or square shape, or also go around corners. Also, Party tent Custom sizes can come into question.

Folding Tent

But the classic party tent is the folding tent, consisting in most cases of a grid made of aluminum or metal and the corresponding tent fabric that folds out and has to be spanned. A significant advantage of this variant is the tent fast assembly and disassembly and flexible Transport way. Such party tents have been around 50 Euro.

Pagoda Tent

This tent shape is more like a Bedouin tent, as the center of the roof tapers together. It is usually rectangular and comes as the folding tent. It quasi-differs only in the shape of the ceiling.

Party tent for grilling

Of course, at garden parties gear and give that to Grill. The grill can also be placed into the tent itself when selecting a suitable tent. A special party barbecue tent has a roof top, which makes it possible that the smoke dissipates.

Wedding tent/pavilion

At a wedding reception outdoors usually comes to a beautiful, large white gazebo right effect. Wedding tents tend to come in the form of a building and are correspondingly larger and higher. One should take fabric pavilions here because the white fabric looks nobler than white plastic.

Gazebo hire, borrow or buy?

If often a garden party organized and thrown, the party tent is much more often used than at a wedding reception, the (hopefully) only occurs once in a lifetime. As for private purposes in advance can often pending a celebration, it is usually worthwhile to buy a party tent itself.

An alternative is to rent a party tent and borrow. Particularly for larger events or when the party tent must be tailored to a very special occasion, it makes little sense for this especially to buy a tent. Hiring a pavilion tent, beer tent or marquee may well be the better option here. Already on favorable terms provide plenty of local vendors to such a service. For more information, visit

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