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Veggie Ratatouille from Sidney

When you think vacation soon to freedom-joy. One would like to laze with a book and drink, and the other would rather go to the beach, shopping or shopping culture. Men and women often have very different ideas about the content of the holiday. Sometimes conflicts arise over there. You are very dependent on each other and sitting pretty on each lip.

We have found the following: “A day on and a day off.” One day there is a democratically elected one activity and the next day everyone should do what they feel like doing.

Conclusion: The secret of a holiday unscathed still display the old and take. Just consider each other, make proper arrangements and you do then to keep. So everyone has a right time.

Next month our daughter, after a year, returned from a trip around the world. Maybe it has to keep the recipe how your relationship as well as long as you are traveling together.
She sent us this surprisingly tasty vegetarian recipe from Australia.

Veggie Ratatouille from Sidney 4 people


100 grams 300 grams penne butterfly pasta
100g blue vein cheese 150g feta cheese
One leek one onion
Two cloves garlic 1 cup mushrooms
Eight green olives stuffed 50g sundried tomatoes in oil
Two overripe tomatoes one jar of tomato sauce
parmesan cheese ciabatta bread


Cook the pasta cooked but do not add salt. Heat a little of the tomato oil and fry the chopped onion, garlic and leeks. Add the sliced mushrooms, two kinds of tomatoes and olives. Let boil the vegetables until a sauce. Insert the cheese into cubes, add. When the cheese is slightly melted, add the tomato sauce. Leave for 2 minutes to warm through. Grate some Parmesan cheese over the pasta and serve with pieces of ciabatta.

Dina’s Barnes Bone

The dog in the pot find means so late coming home that the family members are already finished eating. And it’s the dog that after the meal, the almost empty pans can lick.

Now you will not see quickly that to us, because, as we are foodies, do not often leave leftovers, but also because we believe that our food does not have the right composition for a dog. And we are careful with our dog Scott. This means that, where possible, come with us on holiday. And that is not always easy.

So have wanted a camp, of course, be where dogs are welcome. But that is only the first hurdle. It’s more about what you find along the way. Sometimes we choose, attracted by the promotional words from the folder, right the wrong site and found the ideal dog fenced field with all the unique features, already ‘occupied’ by the vicious dog of a recreation worker.

Also, we could only take the train to Venice as the dog was muzzled. And then only with the slow train. Travel time 2½ instead of 1 hour and the terminal also even walk half an hour from where the Vaporetti (Channel bus) leave for the center. And try in Italy just to find a muzzle. The word was not even in our travel dictionary. Ultimately, we have nevertheless gone with the car.

With storm and tempest may our treasure, like the children before, of course, with us sleeping in the caravan. But try him after the storm but returned to get in the tent! He finds it with us much cozier. I think we have him do what spoil too much.

However, we make the move because of the dog some more stops and that makes us more relaxed during our trip. Also, get the dog, quickly contact people and our morning walks, when nature is at its best, is certainly a plus. Fortunately, the pluses are in the majority, and we always find a solution for everything. Scott, therefore, part of life.

If prescription no dog in the pot, but an excellent bone.

Dina’s Barnes Bone


Two tablespoons olive oil two cloves garlic
One onion ½ chorizo sausage
One bag of soup vegetables two tomatoes
One small can of kidney beans one small can of corn
paprika curry ketchup
One small glass of red wine salt and pepper


Slice the onion and garlic into small pieces. Bake with the oil gently in a wok along with the chorizo sausage cut into slices. Then go to the soup vegetables and diced tomatoes with it. After 5 minutes, add the kidney beans and corn, moisture, and all increases. Then some paprika and a generous amount of curry ketchup. Finally, the red wine, salt, and pepper. Let all be well and serve hot with rice and a tasty tomato salad.

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