How does an embroidery machine work?

With an embroidery machine or a sewing machine with the embroidery, function embroidery is made by machine. Here textiles are decorated by ascending or sewn threads. But what works an embroidery machine? View embroidery sewing machine reviews

There are various types of embroidery machines that attach to in each case different kinds of the embroidery thread on the fabrics. Modern embroidery machines are shuttle embroidery machines. They work like a sewing machine with an upper and a lower thread, which are intertwined with each other. For details, refer to our overview: types of embroidery machines.

Unlike when sewing with the sewing machine when the machine embroidery fabric to be embroidered should not be moved from the embroiderer. This assumes the embroidery machine.

First, the material is placed on the machine (and fixed if necessary with temporary spray) and then clamped in the hoop.

Subsequently, the embroidery pattern is loaded as embroidery on the embroidery machine. You can not only buy embroidery but also with an embroidery software such as Embird even create embroidery.

On embroidery head embroidery machine more needles are usually attached. These are connected to the inserted thread spools.

The embroiderer places now after setting the stock file the reel with the matching color. Larger embroidery machines have room for several spools of embroidery thread that uses the embroidery machine sequentially. The thread spools so do not require replacement as often in this case. The workload embroiderer decreases considerably. And of course, by the sewing time per object is shortened.

Are the material clamped in the hoop and insert the matching thread spools, the embroidery machine can be started. The colors are now embroidered by the embroidery machine sequentially. The embroidery machine stops when the next color or the next color must be inserted.

There are embroidery machines with one or more embroidery heads. Machines with multiple embroidery heads can simultaneously embroider more items and is especially interesting for the professional sector.

Types of embroidery machines

The range of embroidery machines is slightly confusing for the beginners. To shed some light into the darkness and to bring you to decide which embroidery machine to select, to facilitate something, we will tell you here the various types of embroidery machines:

  • Single-needle embroidery machine
  • Flatbed embroidery machine
  • Multi-head embroidery machine
  • Multi-needle embroidery machine
  • Sewing machine with embroidery function
  • Select embroidery machine
  • Embroidery machine or sewing machine with embroidery function

The advantage of a sewing machine with embroidery service on the purchase of a sewing machine and an embroidery machine is the space savings. For detailed information on the respective advantages and disadvantages of individual devices and Combi machines here.

Single-needle embroidery machine or multi-needle embroidery machine

A single needle is similar in structure and function of a sewing machine. It works with the chain stitch: The needle goes next to the Ausstichstelle, and so forms a loop. This is placed around the new Ausstichstelle.

A multi-needle machine is either a hand embroidery machine or shuttle embroidering.

A hand embroidery machine (flat stitch machine) works with the satin stitch: The thread is embroidered in parallel, so that creates a closed surface. The thread is pulled completely after each pass through the fabric. The embroidery machine used during a bicuspid needle. The concept was invented in 1829 by Joshua Heilmann and used industrially, but at the end of the 19th century displaced by the success of the shuttle embroidery.

Each modern embroidery machine is a shuttle embroidering. The concept was invented in 1863 by Isaac Gröbli. A shuttle embroidering machine works like a sewing machine with two threads, namely an upper and a lower thread. The high wire, which is engraved with the needle through the fabric, is swallowed with each stitch with the bottom thread (shuttle thread). For this, the needle has an eyelet front, on the upper wire, is guided. If the material has been pierced and the needle is returned, loop forms. It is taken from the boat and guided around the bobbin thread. This upper and lower threads are firmly joined. – A shuttle embroidering works with several needles and a corresponding number of shuttles.

Multi-head embroidery machine

As the name suggests has exactly one embroidery head. It can always be embroidered only one object.

In a multi-head embroidery machine located on the other hand on a transverse support multiple embroidery heads. So can be decorated simultaneously multiple objects.

Flatbed embroidery machine, select embroidery machines

Under the hoop located on the arm by the lower thread. With a flatbed embroidery machine, all materials can be embroidered.

A flatbed embroidery machine, however, has a very limited scope. It can only be namely stitched only flat materials.

There are also many unique embroidery machines, for example, embroidery of sequins, cords, chains, etc.

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