Best Air Fryer: How to Enjoy Fried Foods without Guilt

From the word “frying” one thing that would come to mind is “oil” and “fat”. Frying is indeed a method of cooking food with the help of those guilt buddies. But how can you eat fried foods guilt-free? By cooking with less or without oil and air fryer is the thing that could only help you with it. Air fryers are the fairly new inventions that have grown in the market. It is determined to provide healthier foods substitute to deep frying and it is designed to kill the guilt for you to enjoy fried food cravings better.

In fact, air fryers are not actually fryers. But as they are meant to replace deep fryers, they got its clever name. Air fryers actually act similar to a convection oven; it moves very hot air around the food in order to make it well-cooked. So instead of using rather than cups and cups of oil like traditional fryers, these incredible products use only a very small amount of fat. How to enjoy fried foods without the guilt? Go for the best air fryer.

What Is the Difference between Air Fryers and Deep Fryers

People know what an air fryer or deep fryer is or how it looks like. But most of us are not aware of what their differences really are. Sometimes, we think air fryers and deep fryers are just the same for they use to cook food. Yes, they did but each of them has some sort of distinction that could help you better on what you are going to choose. The better you know their differences, the better you find the best.

• Features

We can’t deny the fact that both types of fryers go halves some likeness in terms of features. They look just the same when it comes to digital screens, adjustable temperatures, as well as the user-friendly controls. However, If you are going to look for a little bit costly air fryers, the more features you can get. If you want convenience and many more features, you should consider an air fryer especially those with simple touch operation and really well-located switches.

Air fryer has a digital countdown. If you are the type of person who loves doing other things while cooking, this one can be a great choice. Air fryer also offers easy to clean materials. You may even have this with a great recipe book included. Air fryers are very much great to provide you many handy features including cool touch and collapsible handles as well as the digital timer. You better go for a more powerful unit and it will help you to typically cook foods faster.

On the other hand, deep fried foods really look delicious but will surely leave a bad smell and annoying mess behind. This is what commonly happens most especially when your food becomes overcooked or harshly burned. Deep fryers have inadequate odor controls as well as other necessary features and it will really lead to very unpleasant cooking experience.

• Size

Size is the other significant thing you should mull over for you to see their real distinction. Most air fryers are extensively smaller than deep fryers and because of their smaller size advantage; you can store them easily anywhere even in your small home. One other benefit of its size is the ability to skip you from pouring a large amount of oil for deep frying. Air fryer can be the best stake if you are looking for something that is more likely to match in your own little space.

• Capacity

Air fryers are typically smaller than those traditional fryers but the fact that they give great capacity for your food will change your mind from criticizing its size. Despite its size, air fryers has plenty of rooms for a decent amount of food. There are air fryers that offer about 2-pound capacity and you can find them anywhere in the market with ease. Having this capacity will allow you to feed two to four people conveniently.

However, if you just want to cook occasional snacks or small meals, you can opt for air fryers with the lower food capacity. There are even air fryers that come with two large baskets and a mix of large and small baskets for you to have a wide variety of choices. If you go for deep fryers, they are surely quite large and require a designated large storage area. Deep fryers can commonly be found in most restaurant settings and some homeowners but they usually end up creating a messy workplace.

• Healthiness

We all want to live longer that is why we seek a doctor immediately every time we’re sick for a better health. Food is one of the main factors to keep our health in place. We can’t deny the fact that air fryers are not perfectly the healthiest cooking device around for it sometimes needs a small amount of oil for the real crispiness but it could surely lower the risk resulted by taking too much amount of it. When you only have the lesser oil, you could also have rare or almost nothing oil risks.

In the contrary, it needs a large amount of oil in order for the deep fryers to cook your fried foods. A large amount of oil is essential for the deep fryers to cook food with ease but it also has side effects to the user itself. This is how the air fryers give you ultimate advantages. You do not have to dunk foods into highly floating oil. Although you need to put the food in the basket of air fryer but you don’t necessarily have to pour a basket of oil.

This innovative device is using rapid air technology and this type of technology is fairly great for it only requires a minimal amount of oil. It can even lead to no more oil depend on the kind of food you cook. Air fryer uses only about 30 percent of oil than those traditional fryers. In fact, this device is not just providing you healthier meals every day but saving your money at the same time.

• Maintenance

Having appliances that require really high maintenance is such a very daunting pieces. So go for something that would never let you feel really weary in cleaning. Air fryer is tightly closed and since the food is being cooked in the fryer, you do not have worry about excess oil spreading everywhere and so you do not have to worry about very messy workplace. With an air fryer, you will surely be quite happy.

• Durability

If you cannot rely on your device because it sounds like full of poor quality features behind then change your mind. Air fryers also have durability like what you expect to deep fryers. Air fryers typically last for a long time without giving much effort at your end. Some air fryers have plastic components like knobs but after few years of steady use these parts seem to be easy to control over time. You just have to routinely inspect them every time.

• Affordability

You can afford to buy amazingly great air fryers so stop thinking you can’t. You generally got a lot of bang for your buck with this type but the overall reliability, low maintenance, and consistency will make your fryer a great investment. Air fryers are quietly cheaper than deep fryers yet it is highly healthier. Air fryers are typically smaller than deep fryers yet it is truly terrible when it comes to cooking ability and exceptional reliability.

Nevertheless, some air fryers seem to be pricey due to cutting-edge technology, pioneering frying systems or using rapid air technology but you will surely find their features functional and very competent in cooking different foods to fry up. Whether you are on a firm budget or not, you can still find a wonderfully good air fryer at a very affordable price.

How Do Air Fryers work

The cooking chamber of the air fryer spread out heat from a heating element very close to food causing it to be more efficient and accurate. The exhaust fan that is located above the cooking chamber helps to give the needed airflow from the underside. This makes the heated air constantly pass through the food and allow every part of the food fairly receives the same heating temperature. And so no part of the food remains uncooked.

Air fryers help you to achieve healthy fried food living with this innovative way of cooking. An air fryer also has a wide and removable tray just like the rice cooker. The tray helps to serve a hot and crisp meal in just a few minutes. If you are going to cook food in an air fryer, you are really assured that your fried meals are healthier and reduced in calories while indulging its incomparable crispiness and deliciousness. One main reason is the little fat required cooking method.

The air fryer also has an amazing exhaust system that controls the temperature being risen by the internal pressure and produces extra air as needed to cook the food. This extra air is meticulously filtered before being released which offers better result for your food and for the environment as well. With an air fryer, you can only use about 30 percent of fat.

The air fryer also has an amazing cooling system. You do not have to worry about the very hot air used to cook your food because every air fryer comes with its own cooling system. The cooling system includes a fan mounted on a motor axis to control the internal temperature. The fan ensures that the environment inside the air fryer stays clean, neat and healthy. The cooling system lets fresh air pass through the filters and then go to the bottom of the fryer in order to open the passage of fresh air from the top to the bottom to allow the coolness happens in its internal parts.

Why Air Fryer Offers Guilt-free Cravings

Submerging food in oil allows for a quick cooking experience. It also offers crispy and golden result but using a load of oil will make you truly disappointed. How do the air fryers work? Air fryer is simply a revolutionized kitchen device used for cooking food through the circulation of superheated air. Air fryer really has a lot of hot air inside in order to cook food in less oil yet it offers tasty and healthy cravings. Air fryer is the new invention that is considered to be the healthier version.

This new technology uses Rapid Air Technology to cook any type of food that would otherwise be dipped in a large amount of fat. Through the circulation of hot air, your foods such as fish, chips, pastries and more can be eaten healthily in just a few minutes. The said Rapid Air Technology brings in a new era of cooking devices and a new generation of cooking methods in one. Air fryer makes food perfectly cooked and crisp with less fat for you to really feel really guilt-free cravings.

Reasons Why You should have to get an Air Fryer

• Economical

Think about the amount of oil you should use. The very little amount of fat will help you save your money as well as your time.

• Versatile

An air fryer cooks more than just fries. It can prepare a variety of dishes at the same time. Some air fryers even include a recipe book for you to cook meals with ease.

• Odor-free

Frying foods in an odor-free way is really great for those people who hate the bad smell. Air fryers have built-in filters to make sure that your house won’t smell really bad.

• Efficient

There is no other cooking method for frying as efficient as an air fryer. It offers low power consumption with a standard unit that only consumes about 1 kilowatt per day.

If you still think that air fryers are not necessarily important for you, think again. It is not just about the economic, versatility, odor or efficiency advantage but there are so many other things. Find out at

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