All about the RO system

RO water purifier’s membrane technology has no limits: even the smallest waste and impurities remain in the layer of osmosis unit. This RO system is leading specialist in the field of ground water treatment and the development of innovative water treatment equipment.

This membrane technology is ideal for consumers who use pumped groundwater. Even in areas with natural groundwater is brackish. Only the purest water penetrates the membrane of the Reverse Osmosis plant. The filter develops during treatment no extreme heat and works much better than conventional distillation processes. The RO system removes even harmful substances that are not observed in the analysis of water samples. Ammonium, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, sodium, chlorine, calcium, nitrite, and nitrate, sulfate, iron and manganese do not have a chance.

For process often appropriate treatment because there is nothing in the water left behind! Best reverse osmosis system is standard with an automatic degassing module to get rid the water of gasses.

Application areas

Pure drinking water

Of all the purification of drinking water reverse osmosis systems deliver the cleanest drinking water. This is due to the excellent filtration which is provided using reverse osmosis membranes. The membrane Has The pore size of only .0001 microns which wonderfully clean high-quality drinking water is obtained. Through the combination of pre-filters and the advanced reverse osmosis membranes are contaminants, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, medicines, etc. are not allowed to pass. Reverse osmosis systems are the only treatment systems. That remove as mentioned earlier all harmful substances out of the water and osmanthus preventDefault them from ending up in our bodies through the water Where They can do damage.

Aquarium – seawater osmosis

Those of us who have a saltwater aquarium or want to start will use an osmosis unit to salt water. Since osmosis water is very, pure water can be made using the addition of specially provided for this purpose salts and minerals seawater. Needs to be refilled in the case of vaporization with osmosis water so as not to increase the values of the seawater. Osmosis is certainly indispensable in this aquarium

Other applications

The reverse osmosis membrane technology is the ideal solution for those who want 100% pure water. Agriculture, (glass) growers are very confident about the system because it removes all harmful substances from the water and back gives them full control over the growth process. Also in recreation centers, hospitals, and the food industry, the RO plant a guest. It is also often used in the hospitality made of an RO system. Softened water for coffee machines, dishwashers, ice machines, window cleaners and steam ovens. Also in the toilet, flushing, laundry and shower trays and baths are you rid of limescale. Save on cleaning products, detergents and cleaning time !.

In addition to soft water, you want safe water without Legionella. You get from us. Our Osmosis plant also keeps bacteria at and leave the only pure water. All the impurities, also lime and salt may be purified from the water. In contrast to a typical water softener/ion exchanger has our osmosis system no salt necessary for annealing and cleaning the water. No more dragging salt bags and huge cost savings on salt!

The new pumps and controls work even more sophisticated and save up a significant amount of energy. Also, the new plant Osmosis RO device is also increasing again modular. If your company in the future will consume more water is no problem. You can not buy too small, the new reverse osmosis plant, it can grow with your business.

Reverse Osmosis System Plug & Play – The latest

The most recent technique in reverse osmosis. You do not need to install the water supply and drainage. This machine puts you on the counter and is immediately ready to use. All you need to do is plug them into the socket and water in the cistern.

This Osmosis System provides you with 2 liters of pure drinking water within 10 minutes. You can drain your water to the machine. Tip is to store it in a water jug or bottle and put it in the fridge to cool with water:

You can even take the simple system in the caravan, camper, boat or holiday.


  • Step 1: Fill the lower reservoir with water
  • Step 2: Plug in the socket
  • Step 3: Put the osmosis machine
  • Step 4: After 10 minutes, the upper reservoir is filled with pure drinking water
  • Step 5: Remove the waste water from the lower reservoir

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum capacity 280 liters per day
  • Outlet voltage 24-volt transformer
  • Dimensions: Height = 33 cm X 23 cm X Width = 33 cm Depth =
  • Tap height: 23cm

Reliability and low maintenance

The new control system and the vertical placement of the membranes work more reliable and require the RO plant less service.

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