Airbrush Compressor Tips & Information

It may be clear that without air airbrushing source/compressor is not possible. It takes an absolute pressure to spray and airbrush any she has its characteristics and requirements. It is, therefore, important to choose the right compressor is why I decided to write about a beautiful piece, so you know what you are buying. Your choice of a compressor can be made only if you know what to airbrush you want to go and the type of work you want to do. First, I will mention a few characteristics that affect when choosing an air compressor. View air compressor reviews

There are many experienced and less experienced artists who have no money for the proper compressor and build one yourself from an old refrigerator for example. This is not a bad option! But make sure that you have a sound pressure regulator that can deliver a constant pressure.


An air compressor with a 75 decibel can make life miserable! Unless this is far away. Choose a compressor with an acceptable decibel. The rule is the fewer decibels, the more expensive the compressor. A noisy compressor of the construction is to use cheap and excellent for most airbrushes but makes a lot of noise. It is very silly if you, for example, the paint mixed scares you rot because the compressor starts. Whether you’re just busy with the final details and hits your hand away because you are frightened. The important point is that the compressor is silent, and I mean a decibel of ± 40 and the types that are not “Pssssss” or click sounds are slightly more expensive. You can also opt for a cheap compressor and money to invest in a soundproof box where you insert the compressor. If you choose this option, please remember that you ensure proper airflow to cool the compressor.


Each type compressor generates water vapor and water! Water can damage your paint and tools. It is therefore recommended to use a filter or to have a water separator. These separators filter the water from the air so you can airbrush or spray carefree. With some compressors, a water separator is already assembled and some you will have to buy it separately. You can buy cheap good water separator. Also, there are spacers for sale which have a pressure gauge and regulator. The standard moisture separator an inexpensive compressor often does not meet the airbrush/spray requirements


If you always ask a compressor used to buy here if the tank is oiled. If this is the case, then you need an oil filter. If you do not want so then it eventually oil will come through your hose and airbrush and land on your artwork. They finish to the tank to prevent corrosion and to lubricate the tool. An oil filter looks almost the same as in a water separator. Also, there can be obtained, such as double combinations of moisture and oil filter next to each other.

The endurance

The endurance of compressors is different. It is, therefore, advisable for there to look at when purchasing. Some namely have a period of rest / cooling-off period required for half an hour to work after 30 minutes (50%). There are compressors that can run continuously. Most do not even know how long the compressor must rotate and look totally not making the compressor faster piece will go and in some cases can even burn !. It is usually to be found in the properties or user what may be the constant operating pressure. If this is not the case, the manufacturer sends an email or call it as a compressor you usually buy for a long time.


Some types that you will encounter on the market:

  • Piston compressors
  • Screw compressors
  • Portable compressors
  • Airbrush compressors

Piston Compressor

The piston compressors are the workhorses that you’re probably most familiar with. You see them everywhere namely: stores, garages, basements. Often they are quite cheap but also go the most part, and repair costs are very expensive! If you want to use a lot of air, it is advisable to look at a different type so that you can enjoy for a long time by air. These guys are cooled with oil and are not suitable to transport. The compressor should not you not tilt too much because of the oil in the reservoir.

Screw Compressor

Screw compressors are often used for industrial purposes and therefore need 380Volt. They are quite expensive but often do not need a rest. A screw compressor has two screw profiles, and these are cooled with water or oil. Some types have an air reservoir. The decibel can vary.

Portable compressor

Are often oil-free and therefore, need a rest because oil regularly ensures the cooling

Airbrush compressor

Again, you have a lot of verschillnde variants. For example, the diaphragm compressor, it is suitable for small work (nail art, model making, face art, airbrush tattoos) Nozzle great t / m 0.3 mm. The disadvantage of a Diaphragm is that they are prone to condensation in the air hose, this is a natural phenomenon and depends on season and working environment. If you suffer from it, use an in-line filter or a water filter under your airbrush. For custom paint, murals, body paint, etc. is the membrane compressor, not the right choice because it often requires a rest period because this type is not cooled with oil. Also, they do not have any storage tank.

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